Exploring New Reality

This is the most challenging time for Malaysian businesses, and yet is also the most opportune time to harness greater business opportunities. "Within crisis, are the seeds of opportunity." Today, innovation challenges the traditional mindsets of doing businesses; supply chain needs to improve linkages continuously for better integration. This is the time when businesses have a level playing field for success as long as they are flexible and swift enough to embrace changes and move forward.

Themed "Exploring New Reality", Golden Eagle Award 2017 aims to fuel the engine of entrepreneurial growth:

  • Induce New Concepts - Highlight virtual reality technologies, emphasize on Fintech,
    Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality and Digital Platform as the four main focuses for new business directions and opportunities.
  • Promote New Growth - Help open the door for influx of foreign investment through its seminar titled "Dialogues with International Strategic Partners". Apart from being a coveted business award that recognizes well-deserved enterprises, the Golden Eagle Award will also continue with its efforts in supporting and growing with them towards a bright future.



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